Navigating Chart Explorer

Chart Explorer makes it easy for you to track when your artist reaches new milestones and spot emerging hits on the rise. Search for any song to see how it’s ranked on any chart available within an Apple Music storefront. Use the Chart Explorer dashboard to browse songs or albums across cities, storefronts, and genres.

Understand your Chart Explorer dashboard

When you sign in to Chart Explorer, the default view will display data from the past seven days. Use the filters at the top of the dashboard to tailor your search by Storefront, Chart Type, Date, and Chart Genre, and to drill down deeper into our chart data. Under the Chart Range filter, use the Slider to see songs or artists sitting at the top of charts, emerging from the bottom of the pack, or climbing the charts somewhere in between.

See which artists are making the most noise across all of the charts in the Apple Music ecosystem with the Total Number of Chart Appearances and Top Rising Content sections.

  • Total Number of Chart Appearances highlights the artists who surface the most on all of our charts based on your specified filters.
  • Top Rising Content shows which songs are making the biggest leaps on those charts.

Dive into the details of your content’s data

Discover where your music has landed on any Apple Music chart. Using the search bar at the top of the dashboard, enter the name of an artist, song, or album to look up detailed data. Note, your artist or content must have chart history as recent as July 2015 to be rendered in search results.

If you search by artist, you’ll get a detailed view of chart history for their full charting catalog. Alternatively, you can select a specific song or album and see where it’s landed on any given chart.

You can click the Charts tab on the top of the dashboard to access all of our song, album, and city charts around the globe. Next, filter by Storefront and Chart Genre to sharpen your query.

Select any of these charts to see where content has ranked on any specific date.

View an artist’s chart history

When you search for an artist’s chart history, you’ll see an overview of their most popular content and chart rankings.

  • Chart Appearances offers top-line metrics on an artist’s chart performance from the last seven days.
  • Charting Content allows you to navigate to any charting release from an artist’s catalog to see the chart history for that specific release.